Recent Grad Recreates Touching Photo With His Dog And It's Precious!

Recent Grad Recreates Touching Photo With His Dog And It's Precious!

One of the most entertaining things to do, and a favorite pastime of many, is to recreate old photos after many years have passed.

It’s intriguing to see how the subjects in the photograph have changed and, in some cases, the change is so pronounced that one often cannot recognize them. One can often estimate the date of the original by scanning the background, a dead giveaway is cars that change so rapidly as technology develops. A particularly popular photo recreation involves a family pet, such as a dog in one particular case.

A good few years ago, Corie Bliss adopted a winsome puppy named Ruger, who formed an amazing bond with her young son Dylan. As both were small, they virtually grew up together, sharing the joys of both puppyhood and childhood and became inseparable. Through all the ups and downs in Dylan’s life, his trusty friend Ruger was at his side.

Dylan recently graduated from high school and to celebrate this momentous occasion decided to recreate a special photo that was taken of his first day at school with Ruger (then still a puppy) at his side. Posing in his high-school graduation gown with Ruger at his right elbow in the latest photo, Dylan recreates the special bond between him and Ruger that is depicted in the original.

The endearing puppy at the little boy’s side has become a trusty hound at the side of a man! The years may have flown, but the love between them is undeniable. As Ruger edges closer to old age, his loving human journeys with him still.

Feature Image Source: Corie Bliss

Images Source: Corie Bliss

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