Recent Study Confirms Dogs Actually Hold Grudges Against People Who've Done You Wrong!

Recent Study Confirms Dogs Actually Hold Grudges Against People Who've Done You Wrong!

When Karla Solis first saw five-year-old Elliot hiding under a car in Tijuana, Mexico, he was shaking in fear and had to be patiently coaxed out for a long time. He was half of what a healthy weight would be, his fur was completely matted, his bones stuck out, and he was riddled with ticks.

Solis rushed the pup to the vet, where it was discovered that he had Ehrlichia, severe mange, and a mass in his abdomen, and Solis wasn’t sure what to do. Luckily, she was able to contact Becky Moder, an individual who works with animals in need in the country of Mexico and moves them to American shelters, to raise funds for the medical treatment that the pup needed.

But donations didn’t amount to enough to cover all those expensive bills. Yet, Moder wouldn’t give up just yet. She shelled out almost half of the necessary vet payments herself. The sacrifice paid off, and the pup reacted well to treatment.

Soon, Elliot’s fur grew back fluffy and red, and he was well enough to make the trip to the US, where he began a new life in a shelter called The Barking Lot. Yet he didn’t even stay there long. A couple who wanted an older dog with a calm personality were immediately curious about Elliot, and his relaxed, quiet demeanor won them over.

But it wasn’t smooth sailing at first when Elliot entered his new home. Elliot was shy and easily frightened. He wouldn’t climb on furniture, and noises startled him. But over two years, he slowly came out of his shell and became more playful. He still doesn’t like noisy things, but he’s happy, better than ever and living in a wonderful forever home.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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