Relinquished By Commercial Breeders, 48 Dogs Get Rescued In Time

Thank goodness for the wonderful angels that dedicate their lives to saving animals in distress and provide a voice for those that cannot speak.

Due to various reasons, sometimes economic, sometimes seemingly groundless, dogs are abused, starved, maltreated, and often simply left to fend for themselves. When humans find themselves in these situations, they are able to reach out and ask for help- a dog cannot. This is where angels, such as the National Mill Dog Rescue in Colorado step in. National Mill Dog Rescue is an organization that rescues dogs in distress, rehabilitates them, and then tries to find new homes for them.

One of their main goals is to educate the public. Better-educated people will be better pet-carers. People need to learn how to take care of their dogs and also to have compassion for them as this does not always come naturally to humans. An exciting event recently occurred at National Mill Dog Rescue- 48 new rescue dogs arrived and were placed into their care. Best of all is that the rescue of these unfortunate souls was sponsored by a lady named Wendy Oppenheimer in memory of her mother, Helen Lucille ‘Lucy’ Oppenheimer.

The rescue organization was naturally delighted by this as one of their biggest and ongoing concerns is funding. It costs a lot to rehabilitate dogs and keep them well-fed and taken care of. In honor of this kind lady, one of the rescued pooches has been christened ‘Lucille’.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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