Rescue Admits Dog Posted On Craigslist

Rescue Admits Dog Posted On Craigslist

The Last Resort intervened in the case of a husky that was posted for adoption on Craigslist. The dog, Juno, had moved around between different families before landing on the site.

A man found Juno wandering in a state park in the mountains of North Carolina. The man took him in and tried to find his family. When his efforts failed, he gave Juno to his grandson.

It didn't take long before the man's grandson realized that he wasn't in the best position to cater to Juno. So, they passed him to one of their friends.

Some months later, an insurance adjuster offered to take Juno after he found him locked up in a small dog lot. The man and his wife tried searching for Juno's family, checking the internet to see if anyone had posted something about him. However, their search didn't yield any results, so Juno became an inside dog in their small house that already had another dog and cat.

Although Juno got along with the couple's dog, their cat was always terrified of him. The couple soon realized their home wasn't right for Juno and posted him on Craigslist.

When The Last Resort saw the post, they knew they had to help the poor pup. So, they reached out to the couple. Juno went to a foster home, and his foster parent later adopted him, giving him a forever home.

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