Rescue Dog Births 9 Puppies And Adopts 7 More

Rescue Dog Births 9 Puppies And Adopts 7 More

It’s quite saddening to learn numerous stray dogs are struggling and fending for themselves on the streets. All dogs deserve a warm, loving home. Sadly, that’s not the case.

Perhaps, with efforts from kindhearted people dedicated to rescuing strays, we may one day live in a perfect world without strays. Life is hard for every stray dog, regardless of their gender. However, female strays have it tough as they risk getting pregnant incessantly if they haven’t been spayed. Caring for a litter of puppies on the streets is difficult. Luckily for one stray mama dog, help came in time.

Alejandra, a stray Spanish Galgo dog, was the mother to two pups. One was her own, and the other was an orphan she adopted. Alejandra was pregnant when the Galgos Del Sol Animal Rescue took her off the streets. The rescue wasn’t aware she was expecting until a few weeks later when she birthed nine puppies!

While the proud mama dog was still nursing her puppies, the rescue found and saved seven orphaned puppies. They wondered if Alejandra would be willing to take them on.

Surprisingly, she did, and it was an instantaneous bond.

All the puppies eventually grew up and were adopted. Alejandra wasn’t left out of the adoption as she found her forever home in Finland.

Image Credit: YouTube

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