Rescue Dog Is Full Of Life Despite Losing Her Foot To A Bad Injury

Rescue Dog Is Full Of Life Despite Losing Her Foot To A Bad Injury

Generally, dogs are sweet and kind. However, some dogs take things to a higher level where they are amazing. Gracie, a rescue dog, is one of those rare amazing dogs. Despite having her issues, she is doing her best to live a happy life.

When Tracy’s Paws Rescue discovered and rescued Gracie, she had an injured paw. They took her to a veterinarian, and after some blood work and different tests, they determined that she was generally healthy, but her paw was badly injured beyond redemption.

Gracie’s x-ray showed that her metacarpal and carpal bones had been injured in the past but were fused in an unusual manner. As a result, the surgeon couldn’t save the leg and had to amputate it.

Although Gracie lost one of her legs that day, she didn’t lose her sweet and kind nature. She also held on to her youthful energy. With time, care, and therapy, Gracie recovered fully and can now run and play on her three legs.

Gracie may have come in bad shape, but she’s ready to be a part of a family.

Now, she’s looking for a happy family to adopt her so she can bring some sweetness to their home. In the meantime, she is living her best life at the shelter.

Image Credit: YouTube

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