Rescue Dog Is Showing The World What Yulin Dog Meat Festival Can Do To Dogs

What happens in the meat trade is truly horrific. We read stories of how dogs are sold in the “wet market”, kept in cruel conditions and are often sickly.

In fact, the “wet market”, also known as illegal animal trade, is where the novel coronavirus originated from. Dog meat is a buzzing trade in China, despite it being synonymous with animal cruelty, and has been in the news on numerous occasions. One woman, however, decided to find a way to place awareness about dog meat treat in a whole new spotlight.

Amanda Leask has rescued over forty dogs and is very passionate about each and every one of them. In her bid to raise awareness around dog meat trade, Amanda decided to pursue an original and unique way of getting the attention of thousands across the globe. This, strategically done just weeks before the annual Chinese meat festival.

Amanda entered one of her rescues, Miracle, into the well-known TV show Britain’s Got Talent. On stage, Miracle performed a range of tricks and Amanda explained the story behind Miracle, as well as the seriousness of the dog meat trade. One of the well-known judges, Simon Cowell, voiced his opinion on how strongly he feels about the trade being stopped.

Our four-legged friends certainly do not have a voice of their own to stop others from using them for trade. Amanda’s mission truly sheds light on the seriousness of what goes on behind doors, and it remains important to expose the truth worldwide. We should certainly do all that we can to keep our canine companions safe and sound.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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