Rescue Dog To The Rescue!

Rescue Dog To The Rescue!

Rescue dogs are usually the ones being saved, not the ones doing the saving. In this story, this rescue managed to return the blessing in a major way.

Charlie the pit bull came into Candia Merchant’s life over a year and a half ago. Her boyfriend helped him get out of an abusive situation where he had no love, not even a bed or toys. For that, he indebted himself to the family forever and is very overprotective of them.

Though she has three children, Charlie has developed a strong connection with Donald, her 14-year-old son. Just last month, he was looking for his fishing pole and supplies in the family’s shed and he got bit by a hornet. The rest of the family was busy doing chores, but Charlie saw everything from the living room window.

He instantly raised an alarm, by barking and running back and forth. The family knew something was wrong because this was out of character for Charlie. He never stopped alerting them until they checked on Donald. When his mom saw Donald, he was sprawled out on the ground gasping for air. She rushed over with Charlie, who was still creating a scene. She instantly realized Donald was allergic since she was herself and knew the signs of a fatal allergic reaction.

She gave him her medication while she brought him to the doctor. Luckily, Donald had a speedy recovery, and it was all thanks to Charlie’s quick thinking. Charlie must have vowed to never keep his eyes off him again after such a scare. He didn’t leave his side for nearly two weeks, not even on trips to the bathroom. He’d follow him everywhere he went and kept a close watch.

The family knows that if it wasn’t for Charlie, the situation could’ve been worse, and they may have even lost Donald. They’re not too worried though because they know once he’s there, the family is covered.

Images source: Candia Merchant

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