Rescue Helps Stray Dog With Severe Mange Recover

Rescue Helps Stray Dog With Severe Mange Recover

In some parts of the world, you will find few stray dogs on the streets because several animal shelters work day and night to cater to homeless dogs. Unfortunately, there are also parts of the world where stray dogs roam the streets and are usually maltreated.

Oaty was a stray dog struggling to survive on the streets. When Animal Aid Unlimited arrived to help him, he was already in very bad shape. The poor dog had severe mange that left him with a very little fur.

Mange is a horrible, painful skin disease caused by mites that infest the skin. It is common among dogs that are strays, neglected, or abused.

The first time they tried to rescue him, he was so nervous that he run away. The rescue resorted to using a net to get him so that they could provide the care he needed.

Although Oaty is a happy dog who doesn’t mind wagging his tail at people, he has some difficulty with trusting sometimes. However, the rescue continued to care for him and teach him to trust humans better.

It took some time, and lots of TLC before Oaty’s fur grew back, and he learned how to trust people. The pup is enjoying life now and taking each day at a time.

Image Credit: YouTube

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