Rescued From The Dog Meat Trade, These Pups Are Finally On Their Way Home

Rescued From The Dog Meat Trade, These Pups Are Finally On Their Way Home

All around the world, animal rescue organizations are doing amazing work. The Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand is one of these incredible foundations.

Like all rescues, the team started out small, but is now building up its partner rescues in the US and Canada, which allows them to re-home even more fur balls! That’s what they hope to do for these 27 fur balls. Take a look! These 27 pups were rescued from the dog meat trade and were held in the organization’s shelter in Buriram for a while. But now, it’s time to move all of them to their shelter in Phuket, where they’ll spend their quarantine period! Have a safe journey, pups!

These fur balls were loaded onto a truck in crates and secured safely before making their day-long journey on the road! Regular stops were made to check on the pups through their travel, which took up a whole night and most of the following day. But after the long trip, they finally arrived at their destination, where staff and volunteers were eagerly waiting. Aww! Doesn’t that just warm your heart?

Thanks to the Soi Dog Foundation, these fur balls are on their way to a better life. The organization is a non-profit one, and relies on donations to keep doing. If you’d like to support them, you can head on over to their website here to find out how. In the meantime, give this video a like and share it with your friends to celebrate the amazing efforts of the Soi Dog team!

Feature Image Source: SoiDogFoundation

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