Rescuers Help Stray Dog With Spinal Injury To Walk Again

Rescuers Help Stray Dog With Spinal Injury To Walk Again

Although it was not uncommon for rescuers with Animal Aid Unlimited in India to see street dogs lying on the roadside, on this particular occasion, they sensed the dog must be injured and needed help.

Their suspicion was confirmed when they got closer to the dog, as he was completely still and couldn’t even lift his head. A car had hit the poor dog and left him helpless by the road.

The rescuers quickly rushed to help the dog and administered some pain medication to help him manage the pain. During an examination by a vet, they discovered that the dog, later named Batani, had suffered a spinal injury.

Determined not to give up on him despite his poor condition, the rescuers placed him on a treatment plan that included feeding him by hand because he still could not lift his head.

With time and therapy, Batani slowly regained control over his head and was able to eat without being handfed. Soon, he started moving his body a bit but was still unable to stand. However, the rescuers continued to help him with his recovery.

After more therapy and plenty of rest, Batani could finally stand up and walk again. He has fully recovered now and can even run around with other dogs.

Image Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited

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