Rescuers Save Dog Who Was Chained And Left Starving To Death

Rescuers Save Dog Who Was Chained And Left Starving To Death

Working at a rescue can be fulfilling and heartbreaking at the same time. Times without number, rescuers are faced with tough situations, including neglect and abuse cases.

At the Stray Rescue of St. Louis, rescuers have gotten used to rescuing dogs that were previously going through very difficult situations. However, there are times when cases of abuse or a dog stick out more than others. One such case is that of a sweet pittie breed named Bingham.

When rescuers found Bingham, he was half-starved and covered in wounds. Someone had tied the poor dog in a yard and left him to starve slowly to death. If rescuers had not shown up at the scene when they did, it was unlikely that Bingham would have survived any much longer. The rescuers quickly untied him and drove him straight to the vet.

Speaking about the case in a post on social media, the rescue wondered why anyone would be so wicked that they’d chain a dog and leave him to starve to death. “The neglect and abuse he has faced is just disgusting,” the rescue wrote.

Although Bingham still has a long road of recovery ahead of him, he’s got a qualified medical team’s support and care. Once he is strong enough, a happy life with lots of love awaits him.

Image Credit: YouTube

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