Responsible Pup Collects Money To Pay For Her Own Treats!

Responsible Pup Collects Money To Pay For Her Own Treats!

Money. We all need it to get things in this life. Holly, a 5-year-old dog, is sort of obsessed with money. Holly has been with her family since puppyhood, and her mom says the fascination with cash started early.

Holly would steal things out of all the bags, including the paper money. But, instead of chasing the energetic dog, Holly’s family would bribe her with treats to get the money back! Eventually, Holly learned that to get a treat, she needed to have money! So, accidentally, they reinforced the idea that money was important and now Holly can’t get enough!

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Holly’s mom, Casi Cook, works at a restaurant and when she starts counting her tips, Holly will come running into the room to get her share! It is almost as if Holly can smell the stuff from anywhere in the house! According to Holly’s mom, Holly has amassed 87 dollars so far!

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Holly isn’t picky where she keeps her money. She has a piggy bank, but also leaves her money on the stairs, in the kitchen, in mom’s bed, in the hallway, and in the living room!


Holly does normal dog things too, like play with toys, but her money is always there too! Holly learned years ago that money rips, so she is extra careful with all the paper bills. Holy knows that a torn dollar cannot be used to buy treats! One dollar is one treat! Holly will happily share her money with mom, as long as mom gives it back!

Feature Image Source: Casi Cook

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