Run-Away Dog Reunited With Dad After Seven Years

After adopting Husky, Champ, in 2013 Manuel Vejar was beginning a friendship that fell short when Champ ran away. Vejar was deployed at the time and returned to Tulare, California. After a short period of time in his new home, Champ chewed through three fences and took off.

Manuel, struck with dismay, immediately sought to have his pup home as soon as he could. With each day passing he grew weary and hopeless that he would find Champ. However, the sore ordeal turned sweet when a gladdening knock struck his door. Vejar opened up to a Farmer who had found Champ on his ranch in Tulare. The farmer discovered him injured displaying a limp, he was so kind to take him to a vet where Manuel was reunited with his pup.

After seven years of enduring hope, Vejar was met with perplexity in retrieving Champ; however, Champ received the necessary surgery on his leg and according to Vejar he is on the high road to recovery.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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