Sad Grandpa Who Lost His Love Meets His Twin

Sad Grandpa Who Lost His Love Meets His Twin

Losing a dog is tough. It’s a devastating experience for even the strongest among us. Hung Lay Quon would know this very well. He lost his dog of 14 years and the pain he felt was immeasurable.

They did everything together and she brought him pure happiness. They’d even walk four times a day, and even after that, he’d go on walks with her ashes. His family hated seeing him like this. Thankfully, Quon decided the best way to honor the memory of his deceased dog was to adopt another one to give the same love and care. They searched tirelessly for a new dog, and when they started to lose faith, along came Lily.

Lily and Quon bonded immediately. They had the same goatee and bushy eyebrows, and similar personalities. It was like they were twins! Ironically, Quon didn’t notice the uncanny resemblance. He was initially drawn to Lily because of her personality. When his daughter pointed it out after taking a picture, they all had a big laugh.

Strangers even see the resemblance and love seeing them walk by on one of their many walks. The entire neighborhood has become accustomed to seeing them pass by regularly. Lily also never leaves his side, even when he’s just sitting at the couch or having a meal.

It’s clear that Lily has been a huge part of his healing process, and she loves him because he takes very good care of each other. Their bond is as strong as ever as if they were separated at birth!

Images Credit: Tiana Sandberg

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