Sailors Rescue Dog From Drowning And Now They're Best Friends!

Sailors Rescue Dog From Drowning And Now They're Best Friends!

The following story about Chilean Navy sailors saving a dog from the water is just one of those which proved you can find your best friend in an unusual and unexpected situation too.

A navy crew was returning from a rescue mission to their port base in Talcahuano, when they realized there was one more rescue mission just ahead of them. About a mile from the shore, the sailors noticed a dog swimming and struggling in the cold water of Talcahuano bay. The dog was spotted from the bridge of their ship and a Zodiac Raft was sent out immediately to help and pull the poor dog out of the freezing cold waters.

As it usually happens in situations like this, after the rescue, the gratitude in this dog’s eyes for saving his life and everything they did for him was just enormous, showing he knew how lucky he was. He seemed to enjoy a lot the warmth, food, and cuddles from the sailors at the base, so did the sailor enjoy the newcomer’s company. The navy officials say they will try, of course, to find the rightful parent and see if the dog had a home before being in a pickle.


Love can warm hearts, and both the sailors and this dog know it. No matter how this story will end, they have found the best of friends in each other, and they have a story to remember!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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