Scared Dog Tied To Pole Extends Paw To Rescuing Officer

Scared Dog Tied To Pole Extends Paw To Rescuing Officer

Officer Angela Laurella had received two shocking reports of two dogs tied to poles on a dead end street in Pompano, Florida just last week. There were no cameras in the area, so there was no indication of who left the dogs there or even how long they had been there.

What Officer Laurella knew for certain is that the temperatures were climbing to 100 degrees and she had no time to waste. The dogs had to be freed right away. When she arrived at the location, she saw a frail grey dog tied tight to the pole. The leash was very short and he could not move. According to Amy Roman, President and Founder of 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida, “He was absolutely emaciated, dehydrated, with every bone and rib protruding.”

Now named Liam, the dog placed his paw in the officer’s hand and bowed his head as if to say, ‘Please help’, or ‘Get me out of here’. When she walked towards him and reached out her hand, he cowered and offered his paw.

Liam did not have an easy life and required special care right away. Though the rescue was above capacity, they accepted Liam because he desperately needed help. It would take a lot of visits to the vet for the 17lb pocket bully to regain his strength. He now lives with Roman and receives constant care, food, love, and security.

Liam’s road to recovery is not yet finished, but he’s currently on a great path and is expected to have a good life. He is a kind dog that lights up a room and the lives of everyone he meets. In spite of his rough past, he is forgiving and still trusts people. Every dog deserves a second chance. Liam is living proof of that.

Images Credit: 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida

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