Scared Stray Dog Has A Different Story To Tell Now! Look At Him!

Scared Stray Dog Has A Different Story To Tell Now! Look At Him!

It is so rewarding when good comes out of bad, and the story of a certain fluffy pal named Dolittle really illustrates this. Dolittle’s rescuer found him cowering and terrified under a bush after being informed that there was a dog somewhere in the garden.

On finally locating him, and after a good bit of searching, he was confronted with a ball of once-white fury. With bared teeth and snarling aggressively, Dolittle resisted all attempts to rescue him. Our rescuer bravely persevered and with incredible patience and talking to him gently was able to coax him to his feet.

The main concern at the time was that he might have a broken limb as he seemed unwilling to stand. Fortunately, this was not the case. Eventually, a leash was placed on Dolittle and he was loaded into a vehicle. First port-of-call was a bath! After intense scrubbing and combing of matted fur, Dolittle emerged unrecognizable, as a vision of fluffy white perfection! Where once matted, filthy fur had been, now stood a shiny white fluffball.

With gleaming eyes, it seemed as if Dolittle had cast off his old life and was ready to embrace the new. His tail seemed to have a life of its own, wagging constantly as he left his unhappy past behind him. Dolittle has now settled happily into his new home with a loving family and has even gained a new furry playmate. What an amazing turn from the unhappy beginning of his life story!

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