Scientists Aim To Introduce New Stem Cell Therapy In Dogs

Scientists Aim To Introduce New Stem Cell Therapy In Dogs

The life expectancy of dogs is long, but we all wish it could be longer. With various improvements made in modern medicine, the life expectancy of our dogs is slowly increasing.

Similar to human aging, the longer dogs live the more inclined they are to have chronic and degenerative conditions. For humans, diseases such as these can be treated and managed, but for dogs, this isn’t always the case.

Recently, some studies out of a University in Japan have shown positive benefits through K9 blood samples. Now, there are a few efficient methods to deal with various diseases that our dogs can be diagnosed with. Scientists are now learning about how to control reprogrammed cells in the host body, and from there, convert them to healthy cells.

With all the benefits this can bring, there is also a bit of a downfall. When these unhealthy cells regenerate into better ones, there are some formations of tumors that can occur. Still, these scientists believe that their work will pay off in the long run, and will successfully be established as a beneficial therapy for our dogs.

Because dogs share the same environment as humans, they are just as likely to develop the same diseases we can get diagnosed with. Along with a bit of additional research, there can be advances made in the fields of veterinary medicine, which will save our dogs in the long run. Quite possibly in some cases, scientists might find cures for common diseases that dogs get, along with finding cures for diseases on the human side as well.

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