See What Happens When Adorable Beagle Spots His Treats!

See What Happens When Adorable Beagle Spots His Treats!

This beagle was casually walking on the road when he finally spotted his treats! See what this beagle does then! Now this is what I call quick thinking!

If you have a beagle or any other kind of hound dog you know that it’s not unusual for walks to involve your fur kid sniffing every little inch of the neighborhood while you follow along one step at a time, waiting for them to finish savoring all the smells. It could easily take 20 minutes to just walk a block with those noses but now we know the secret to getting a beagle to pick up the pace and get a little exercise along the way.

We should have know the secret too because outside of good smells to sniff, the secret to a beagle’s heart is food! This beagle beauty spotted his treats and took off straight for them! Now we know the best way to get a beagle to exercise – bring treats!

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