Senior Dog Frightened At Shelter Finally Finds A New Home

Senior Dog Frightened At Shelter Finally Finds A New Home

Many dogs often have trouble settling down at shelters. For senior dogs, it is much more difficult. Senior dogs are often passed for adoption as people tend to go for younger dogs. However, aside from facing adoption problems, senior dogs may not cope well with the stress of living in a shelter.

When Shira, a dog rescuer at The Animal Rescue Mission, saw a video of Bruno, a frightened shelter dog, she knew that something had to be done to help him and find him a forever home fast. Bruno is a senior dog who was frightened at living in a shelter and couldn’t stop shaking physically.

It was not the first time Shira would see a dog in such a situation. However, it was her first time seeing one that shook that much.

A foster volunteer, Chekechea, who tried to help Bruno, narrated her experience dealing with the dog. She said Bruno would cry all night long, and she would sing lullabies to him to calm him down. She said it wasn’t long before Bruno went from a frightened old dog to a “grumpy old man.” Thankfully, about a month later, a man came along and decided to adopt the dog one day.

It was a match made in heaven as the duo got along well. Today, Bruno is a proud member of the man’s family.

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