Senior Pup Rescued From Puppy Mill Becomes The Best Mom To Her New Puppies

Senior Pup Rescued From Puppy Mill Becomes The Best Mom To Her New Puppies

Fergie the pug had a very rough start to her life. For seven years, she lived on a puppy mill in a cramped cage, where she was used for breeding. She produced litters upon litters of puppies, and they were all snatched from her almost immediately after birth.

When she could no longer give birth, the poor pup was dumped and abandoned. The West Suburban Humane Society in Downers Grove, Illinois took her in. She was nearly completely deaf and blind, had lost an eye, had developed severe arthritis and deformities in her feet, and she was terrified. She would sit in her kennel and shiver and shake, refusing to eat.

The shelter decided it would be best to find her a foster home, and foster Mom Jenny happily took her in. The moment she was through the door, the pup transformed completely. She felt safe, loved her bulldog foster siblings, and began to thrive. She was very protective over her foster siblings and would always want to be able to check on them.

One day, while digging in a bin of dog toys, she discovered three at the very bottom of the bin that she claimed as her own. Those three toys became her babies, and she was inseparable from them. She would get stressed out and cry whenever they were not in sight, and she refused to entertain any different toys. It was as though these were her babies now – and ones that wouldn’t get so cruelly taken away before she was ready.

Fergie was eventually adopted permanently into a forever home by Elissa Bulgatz. At first, she was nervous to see if Fergie would be comfortable in her new home, but she fit right in easily, bringing her three favorite toys with her! She quickly befriended the other resident pug, named Johnny, and even became best friends with Whiskey the cat!

It’s now been four years since Fergie moved in to Elissa’s home, and at the age of 12, she might have some trouble moving around and prefer to spend the day napping, but her sweet, loving, gentle personality has made her the favorite of all who meet her. Her health may not be at its best, but Elissa is just happy to enjoy the time they have left!

Images & Feature Image Source: Instagram/fergiemamathepug

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