Senior Stray Dog Bullied By Kids Hides Under The Tree Until Help Arrives

Senior Stray Dog Bullied By Kids Hides Under The Tree Until Help Arrives

Even though many people love dogs, others aren’t as kind. And kids can really be mean when they want to. And they showed an elderly dog from South Africa exactly how mean they can be.

Porkie had lived on the streets for many years, and the fact that the neighborhood kids bullied him for being old didn’t make his life any easier. Fortunately, the volunteers at Sidewalk Specials found out about the dog and the awful conditions he had to live in, and they knew they had to help.

They found Porkie hidden under a tree, pressed against a fence. That corner was probably the only place where he felt safe. Because of how he was treated, the poor dog was very scared of humans, but the volunteers were gentle and took their time making him comfortable. After a while, he agreed to go with them, and he was taken to the shelter.

He was treated for fleas and other issues at the shelter, and the volunteers showered him in love. Ever since he was rescued, his personality began to shine. He has come a long way from the anxious, scared little dog he was before. Now he can be his true self, happy and curious all the time. And he will live the rest of his life in the best conditions.

And it wasn’t long until a family stepped up and offered to adopt him. Now he is surrounded by love and is free to run around and get all the pets and cuddles he wants without anyone bullying him ever again.

Image Credit: Facebook

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