Severely Matted Pup Ate Rocks And Tinfoil To Survive, But Now She Found Love!

Severely Matted Pup Ate Rocks And Tinfoil To Survive, But Now She Found Love!

When 2-year-old Molly the golden retriever and poodle mix was found by rescuers in January, she was completely covered in terribly matted fur, was so badly emaciated that she looked like a walking skeleton, and was terrified of everyone and everything.

The Wilson County Humane Society rushed Molly to a vet, where it was revealed that not only was she in this awful condition, but her stomach was also filled with foreign objects like tinfoil, rocks, rags, and even acorns. She had been eating anything she could due to how hungry she was!

By some miracle, surgery wasn’t needed, as Molly passed the inedible items on her own. Still, she was weak and needed lots of care. Her fur had to be shaved off, and it was tangled so awfully around her legs that she had to be sedated for the fur there to be removed. In total, all the fur shaved weight a whopping six pounds, leaving her at half her healthy weight.

Once she was in a good enough condition to be moved, Molly hopped onto the plane of Paul Steklenski, founder of Flying Fur Animal Rescue, as he brought her up north to the Burlington County Animal Alliance, where a foster family awaited her. As the flight continued, she became braver and peeked out to look at the world below her, and she even gave her pilot a kiss when they landed!

Molly still had many hurdles to overcome in her foster home. She had to be fed often to get her weight up, was very antsy and jumpy, and took time to warm up to her foster family. But after three weeks, she was finally well enough to be officially adopted – and she found a new family almost immediately!

Since being taken into her new forever home with the Sgroi family, Molly has improved even more! She has lots of fun with her new siblings – two pups and three kids – and is so relaxed now that she sprawls out on the sofa almost every day, as opposed to being like a tightly wound coil when she first arrived. Things are looking up for Molly, and her transformation is nothing short of amazing!

Images & Feature Image Source: Cheryl Sgroi

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