Severely Neglected Pup Rescues Herself By Walking Into A Shelter And Falling Asleep Inside

Severely Neglected Pup Rescues Herself By Walking Into A Shelter And Falling Asleep Inside

When an extremely sick stray street dog passed by the Humane Society International India (or HSI India) in March, for whatever reason, she decided that it looked like a good place for her to rest her head. So she walked in and curled up on a random couch inside.

Staff inside didn’t notice her right away, but when they did, it was because of the strong bad smell she had with her. She had severe mange, and she was bleeding in her ears. Staff hurried to get her some food and water, but the movement and noise evidently startled her and she ran off, leaving staff upset that they couldn’t help her.

Then, the next day, the pup returned for another nap. This time, staff knew they had to make sure she wouldn’t escape again. They closed the front door and gave her the food and water she needed. When she calmed down, they quickly got ready to take her to the vet.

The dog, who the shelter named Fairy, was in awful shape. When Alokparna Sengupta, HSI’s deputy director, picked her up, her skin seemed to be peeling. She had almost no fur at all, and she was visibly frightened, but she seemed to know she was safe with the HSI staff.

Fairy was hurried to a vet, who started treating her for the mange she had right away. Luckily, this was the main issue and she didn’t have any other medical problems. Still, it was clear she had been suffering on her own for at least a couple of months.

Fairy was definitely in a lot of pain, but she was quiet and patient throughout her treatment and handling. She was glad to finally be receiving the attention she’d been craving, as well as reliable food, water, and shelter, and she trusted those who helped her. She was friendly and happy, even in her state.

It took six months for Fairy to recover fully. When she did, though, she had a family already waiting for her! Now, she lives with a new family, lots of space to play, and home where she can be her sweet, loving self!

Images & Feature Image Source: Humane Society International India

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