Severely Neglected Puppy Thrown In Dumpster Couldn't Believe Someone Found Her

Severely Neglected Puppy Thrown In Dumpster Couldn't Believe Someone Found Her

It was a freezing November morning in Baltimore, Maryland when a passerby heard the smallest, saddest cry coming from a dumpster. The Good Samaritan stopped to peek in and realized it was a small puppy, shaking in fear and cold, with a swollen face and head, and covered all over in a variety of wounds.

The puppy, aged just 5 weeks old, was hurried to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, known simply as BARCS. The pup was in such bad condition that her eyes could barely open, and her front left leg was heavily wounded.

She has a fractured jaw, eye, and skull, and clearly felt ill. It’s suspected that the pup had been attacked by an unknown animal, then dumped due to her injuries.

The puppy would need constant care 24/7, so emergency medical department manager Dana Hersl decided to take on the task of fostering her. It wasn’t long before she and her boyfriend fell head over heels in love with the small pup. They gave her the name Hootie, after the name of the band that sang a song they heard on the drive home with her.

Hersl and her partner did their best to give Hootie love, medical care, and affection throughout the day, feeding her wet food because she almost couldn’t open her mouth at all. Soon, their efforts started to pay off, and Hootie began to heal.

Soon, Hootie learned what it was like to be a happy puppy. She gained more energy and started running around, playing with her fellow foster pet siblings. She started eating treats and enjoying whole foods. She revealed herself to be a playful pup who loves to chew and run around!

Hootie loves being friends with kids and fellow pups, and she’s awaiting mandatory treatment and spaying before being ready to find her forever home. She’d love to go to a home with a motherly pup and some other puppies to play with!

If you’d like to adopt Hootie, find out about BARCS’ adoption policies here.

Images & Feature Image Source: Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter

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