Sharing Your Bed With Your Pup Can Improve Your Health!

Sharing Your Bed With Your Pup Can Improve Your Health!

Most new pet owners have the belief that sharing their bad with their furry friends is a bad idea. But you shouldn’t allow misconceptions to dictate your relationship with your pet. Instead, be open to the possibility that letting them sleep in your bed can benefit both of you.

Around half of pet owners allow their pets to sleep in the bed, and most studies around this topic support the idea that this practice has multiple benefits. Pets are natural stress relievers. Petting them reduces blood pressure and increases oxytocin, which can help you sleep better. They can also help reduce nightmares, especially for people suffering from PTSD. Studies also show that sleeping with pets improves sleep quality and efficiency.

If you’re the proud owner of a feline, you might even get a free massage. Cats love kneading when they feel happy, so if you’re happy you might feel their little paws massaging you. They also like to adjust to your sleep schedule if they sleep with humans. Pets also know exactly when it’s time to eat, so they act as a reliable alarm clock. And you have no chance to ignore them unless you have a death wish. On the bright side, pets are fluffy and warm and they can be great snuggle buddies.

So at least you can enjoy that before they drag you out of bed. If you have a dog, sleeping with them can make you feel safer. Dogs are protective and even slight noises will put them on guard, so you can rest assured that your pup will take care of you. Not only will you benefit from sleeping with your furry friend, but they will also feel loved and appreciated if you let them sleep next to you.

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