Sharp Pup Saves Fellow Canine Trapped In Snow

Sharp Pup Saves Fellow Canine Trapped In Snow

Nine-month-old Banjo, a German wirehaired pointer, had developed an amazing sense of smell, thanks to his dad’s early training, which helped locate and save another canine burrowed down in deep snow near Banjo’s home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Banjo and his dad went cross-country skiing then when the former sniffed out a different scent, causing him to run toward its source.

“Banjo has a distinct tail whip and body movement when he’s around fresh animal scent,” Banjo’s dad said, “When I saw him run for the trees, I knew something was there. I assumed it was going to be a porcupine, bird, or rabbit.”

Banjo’s dad spotted a golden head jut out of the snow and could tell that it was a lost pup who’d burrowed in the snow where he’d slept for days.

It was apparent that the poor animal was freezing and afraid. So, he did not get too close, and instead, allowed Banjo to approach him. When they could not draw the pup out of his hiding place, Banjo’s dad radioed animal control, who were able to locate the parents.

They put them on speakerphone, prompting the lost pup, whose name was Louie, to respond. His mom, then, braved the knee-deep snow for thirty minutes to reach Louie. After seeing her mom, the famished and shivering Louie was immediately energized and wagged his tail.

After surviving the blizzard, Louie is now safely home to enjoy the holidays, thanks to Banjo.

Images & Feature Image Sources: Instagram / Facebook

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