She Loved Unicorns And Now She Has An Entire Set!

She Loved Unicorns And Now She Has An Entire Set!

Rosie met her forever family when she was just a puppy. That was about two years and since then, she has become a full-fledged family member.

She’s the goofball of the family and is always making the family laugh. She is clumsy and full of energy, unlike her sibling, Bindi, who is calmer and dainty. Rosie also loves toys. One day, she got a toy unicorn from her mom, and it’s like she forgot about all her other toys. She’s completely in love with her unicorns.

Her mom actually got six backups in case the original got destroyed, but now, Rosie has one everywhere she goes, carrying them everywhere, even when she’s asleep. To her mom’s surprise, Rosie hasn’t damaged any of her unicorns and treats them like babies. They do get worn, but never on purpose, and Rosie treats them with care. Though calmer, Bindi is a toy destroyer, and the entire family acts as unicorn bodyguards to keep them safe.

The reason Rosie has all these unicorns in the first place is thanks to her mom’s post on Instagram about her love for ZippyPaws mini unicorns.

The company reached out to her mom, wanting to send Rosie a unicorn care package. Though she already had unicorns, they were at the end of their lives, and this offer came at the perfect time.

Now, Rosie has a ton of unicorn toys, and so does Bindi. You can just imagine how surprised Rosie was when she saw all of them. She squeaked every single one and her excitement could not be contained.

What a lucky dog!

Images source: Taylor McDonald

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