Shelter Dog Finally Gets Adopted After Waiting Nearly 5 Years

Shelter Dog Finally Gets Adopted After Waiting Nearly 5 Years

A Shepherd mix was brought to the Capital Humane Society nearly five years ago. The pup named Baby Girl quickly won the hearts of staff and volunteers.

Although they thought she would be adopted quickly due to her sweet nature, weeks turned to years, and nobody came for her.

The Capital Humane Society continued to spoil Baby Girl with love and attention, refusing to give up on her as they waited for the right person to come along. Baby Girl takes time to warm up to people. However, she is very playful once she does. All she needed was someone who would be patient with her.

One day, a girl visited the Pieloch Pet Adoption Center and fell in love with Baby Girl. She adopted her on the spot, ending the pup’s five years wait for a forever home. Interestingly, Baby Girl didn’t take long to adjust to her new family.

“Baby Girl has brought so much joy to my life. She loves her daily walks and going outside. She loves her yard and would rather be outside sunning herself than being inside any day! She can’t get enough belly rubs and she has to be touching me at all times,” her new mom said while giving an update about her.

Baby Girl is living her best life now and her new family loves her dearly.

Image Credit: Capital Humane Society

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