Shelter Dog Gets Adopted After Waiting For 10 Years

Shelter Dog Gets Adopted After Waiting For 10 Years

A shelter dog named Safira has finally found a forever home after waiting for 10 years. The dog arrived at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in 2011 and spent her whole life there with other dogs.

Caretakers at the shelter often took the playful pup on hikes and spoiled her with tons of balls. In 2015, a video of her rolling in a pool full of balls went viral. However, it still didn’t score her a forever home.

“Safira is a loyal friend who’ll stick with you through thick and thin. A sensitive soul, she prefers a quiet environment without too many loud, scary noises. But if you have a tennis ball and a few hours to spend throwing it, she’ll be the happiest dog in the world,” the shelter said.

Even as years rolled by, the shelter refused to give up on finding her a forever home. They hoped that the perfect person would show up and pick her up one day. After ten years, the day finally came.

“In case you need a mid-week pick me up, 11-year-old Safira was ✨ ADOPTED ✨ from our Sanctuary last week. Safira has been at our Sanctuary since 2011, and we couldn’t be happier this sweet gal has a home to spend her golden years in,” the shelter wrote, announcing the exciting news.

Safira’s story proves that good things come to those who wait. We wish her a happy life in her new home.

Image Credit: Best Friends Animal Society

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