Shelter Volunteer Finds Someone Unexpected In The Kennels

Shelter Volunteer Finds Someone Unexpected In The Kennels

Whittney Jaques has been volunteering at South Ogden Animal Shelter for a while, and every day she had the same routine. But one morning when she walked through the doors, something wasn’t the same.

When she headed to the kennels, she saw something she never thought she’d see. Hanging out with the dogs was a rooster. Whittney says that the rooster just looked at her like he owned the place. It was almost like he was asking her what she was doing there. Even though she had years of experience volunteering, she had never seen a rooster. So, when she saw this one, she was obviously confused.

But she was also delighted. She didn’t know what she was supposed to do about the situation, but it didn’t seem to matter, because the dogs and the rooster all acted like it everything was normal.

The rooster seemed just so confident and in charge, that Whittney decided to just leave him be and go about her chores as she would on any other day. After a few hours, a supervisor confirmed that the rooster was actually supposed to be there. But, when they found him on the side of the road, they decided to make an exception for him.

It was all fun, but the rooster didn’t stick around for too long. And that’s because, after just a few days, a sergeant at a local police department decided to adopt him. While the dogs wouldn’t have loved to have him around for longer, he is now where he is supposed to be.

Image Credit: Whittney Jaques

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