Shelter Workers Cheer As Resident Dog Leaves For His Forever Loving Home!

Shelter Workers Cheer As Resident Dog Leaves For His Forever Loving Home!

In the last weeks of January, the Kentucky Humane Society found Ethan, who was abandoned in their shelter’s parking lot. Staff said that he was so emaciated and couldn’t even lift his own head.

He weighed in at 32 pounds, which was unheard of for a dog of his breed. They worked around the clock to nurse him back to health and get him ready to find his forever home. Finally, two months later, Ethan is 83 pounds, healthy, and happy at the shelter.

A week ago, the shelter announced that its facilities director Jeff Callaway and his family would be adopting Ethan. Jeff was a huge help when Ethan first came in and was there every step of the way during his recovery. When Jeff and his family came into the shelter that day, they were greeted with a huge surprise. The staff had all planned an adoption party and celebrated for Ethan finding his forever home. They gifted him a nice new bed, countless treats, plenty of toys, and a lot of love.

As the party came to an end, Ethan was more than happy to run home with Jeff and his family. A staff member took an adoptable video of Jeff and his family pulling out of the parking lot, with Ethan sitting comfortably in the back seat.

Jeff posted this video on Facebook and got plenty of love from the community, which brought him and his family almost as much joy as adopting Ethan did.

Image Credit: Kentucky Humane Society

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