Should I Be Concerned About My Dog Eating Mayo?

Should I Be Concerned About My Dog Eating Mayo?

As a pet parent, your responsibility is to make sure your dog is safe, and that includes ensuring he/she has a proper diet. Now, no parent is perfect and we don’t have the answers to it all.

That’s why it is important to ask these questions beforehand, especially to your regular vet to avoid any unfortunate circumstances. Today, the subject is mayonnaise and whether you should be concerned if your dog had a bite of your sandwich, or had some by accident.

Is Eating Mayo Okay For Dogs?

Well, traditional mayonnaise isn’t made of anything toxic or poisonous to a dog. Its main ingredients are eggs and oil and should be fine now and then. But, don’t make it a habit. Mayonnaise has a high-fat content and isn’t the best dairy option for dogs. You’re better off going with low-fat cottage cheese or natural yogurt in this instance.

What Can Happen If A Dog Eats Too Much Mayo?

While some fat is good for dogs, too much can lead to serious health issues. Continuous high-fat consumption can cause unwanted weight gain or canine obesity. It also puts your dog at risk of developing heart conditions and diabetes. Canine obesity can also lead to joint problems and issues with your dog’s mobility.

If your dog has taken a liking to mayonnaise, don’t make it a regular part of his/her diet. Ensure that he/she stays active, and is having a well-balanced diet to prevent the potential drawbacks of consuming this beloved condiment. If your dog has eaten a little bit of mayonnaise, don’t be too alarmed unless he/she shows signs of discomfort. For more information about mayonnaise and other foods, your vet should always be your go-to source of information.

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