Should I Be Concerned About My Dog Following Me Everywhere?

Should I Be Concerned About My Dog Following Me Everywhere?

So, you’ve noticed that your canine stalks you or follows you anywhere in the house. You’ve also caught him or her paying close attention to your every move and sitting close to you, wherever that is.

While you gush at how adorable your dog’s behavior is, you may also be a tad curious as to what causes it. Well, it’s highly probable that your dog is just simply in love with you, his/her favorite human, and wants to be with you all the time. Canines are pack creatures and are, therefore, most comfortable when they are with their own pack. Yes, that’s you.

However, you are justified in wondering if there is some cause for concern behind this behavior. If it is not the ‘groupie’ mentality that’s behind all the stalking, your dog could actually be experiencing anxiety issues. Being overly attached to his or her family is among the many other symptoms of anxiety in dogs.

Other symptoms that are often overlooked by parents include yawning, especially if the dog isn’t really exhausted or sleeping. Some dogs who have anxiety issues also tend to do a lot of air licking even when there isn’t any food nearby. So, although the chances of your pet being lovesick is high, it is still advisable that you discuss this behavior with your vet on your next visit.

This way, you are able to rule out any medical conditions that require attention.

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