Should I Be Concerned About My Dog’s Eye Secretions?

Should I Be Concerned About My Dog’s Eye Secretions?

It’s always a delight to have your beloved dog planting kisses on your face as a way of showing affection and expressing that he/she wants to get close.

Sometimes, you may notice that your pet has these unsightly boogers in his/her eyes, and while wiping them off, you’re thinking if this eye gunk is a cause for concern. The gunk you’re referring are lacrimal duct or tear duct secretions and technically called, discharges. These are perfectly normal to a certain extent and you’re right to worry if they’ve become alarmingly more than usual, or if they’ve taken on another color, particularly green or yellow which are signs of infection.

If the discharges are brownish in color but have become excessive, your pet may be having what they call as, dry eyes. Also, if you’ve observed that your dog’s eyes have turned red and he/she is experiencing discomfort, you should be concerned. In these cases, call your vet at once.

Do not attempt to remedy the condition on your own as these eye conditions can easily escalate into emergency cases if wrongly managed. It is best that you have your dog brought to your vet for some diagnostic tests and evaluation based on his/her medical history. Your dog may be given a Fluorescein cornea stain to check for scratches, tear tests for dryness, or be prescribed antibiotics when necessary. If the condition doesn’t improve, seek a veterinary ophthalmologist or a second opinion.

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