Should I Be Concerned That My Dog Only Eats When I’m Around?

Should I Be Concerned That My Dog Only Eats When I’m Around?

Are you one of those dog parents whose pup does not eat unless he or she sees you around? I’ve observed that my dog, Nala, does not touch her meal, which I prepare for her before departing for work.

When I arrive, I discover that her meal remains untouched, but after the usual greeting and excitement over my arrival, Nala happily chomps down the food in a matter of minutes. I recently learned why dogs behave this way and the reason is basic. According to a New York-based dog trainer, canines thrive on social contact.

The reason they’re not eating when you’re absent is that they feel anxious, or stressed, or lonely. Often, they need the company of someone familiar to calm them down and get them in the mood for eating. Most of us aren’t too comfortable or happy eating alone in a restaurant. Well, the same goes for your canines. Like us, dogs crave companionship and social interaction with someone they’re at ease with while they enjoy their meals.

My beagle Taz, for example, does not seem to mind about me being away or not. However, she also does not touch her food bowl when I’m not with her. To get her to consume it, I usually place her food inside an animated toy before leaving, which often works. You may want to try this trick with a feeder toy if you’re battling this problem.

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