Should I Worry About My Dog’s Destructive Habit?

Should I Worry About My Dog’s Destructive Habit?

It has become an endless cycle – you purchase a toy, supposedly destruction-proof, surprise your pup with it, confident that he would at least give you some peace and quiet while you pour yourself a cup of beverage, and then, it happens – again!

Your adorable canine manifests his/her superpower and shreds the seemingly indestructible toy in minutes, sometimes seconds, much to your bewilderment. Now, you’re left worrying if you should take your him/her to the vet to be examined just in case there’s something wrong. Well, one senior veterinarian assures us that this destructive habit doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with your beloved canine.

The tendency to rip things especially toys is normal and is often connected with your pet’s strong predatory instincts from his/her wolf origin. The toys’ bouncy movements or unusual sounds may have triggered such instincts. Sometimes, pups also learn this hunting behavior from observing fellow dogs. Others become destructive when they’re just bored and have nothing else to do.

Toys that’re specially manufactured to withstand such attacks, although hardy, may not exactly be shred proof, as you’ve found out many times. Just ensure they’re not too hard by pressing on it. If it dents, it’s okay. After the shred fest, dispose fragments right away to prevent him/her from ingesting them.

Take comfort, though, that whether the toy makes it beyond 24 hours or not, your pup is normal and is just being who he’s made to be.

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