Sick Pup Finds Loving Home To Spend His Final Months Around Those Who Love Him

Sick Pup Finds Loving Home To Spend His Final Months Around Those Who Love Him

When Trigger was adopted a day after being transferred to a less overcrowded shelter than his original one, things seemed to be looking up. But things went downhill when his health took a plunge.

A few weeks after being adopted, he was brought back to the shelter because he could not stop peeing everywhere. Some tests revealed tragic results: Trigger had chronic kidney failure and probably only had six months left to live. The shelter realized that it would be very hard to get him adopted with this diagnosis, but they knew he deserved to spend his last months happy in a home, not a shelter.

When Kristen Peralta found out about this, she and her husband knew they had to help. Peralta is the Vintage Pet Rescue founder, and her organization rescues senior pups and takes them into their sanctuary when they are unlikely to be adopted due to health issues or simply because of age. Although Trigger isn’t a senior, they made an exception for him due to his unique situation.

Despite being so much younger than everyone else, Trigger immediately fit right in. He wasted no time in making friends with and playing with every single other resident, even though he has a lot more energy than them. He’s even best friends with 11-year-old Asher, a pit bull who takes on the guardian role in the residence and has been there for three years.

The pup is never short on playmates to have fun with, is surrounded by love and happiness, and is living out his last few months in a wonderful, caring place. Though it’s heartbreaking to think about how little time he has left, Trigger’s happiness and positivity are inspiring to us all!

Images & Feature Image Source: Kristen Peralta

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