Sick Pup Reaches Out Paw To Woman He Knew Would Help Him Recover

Sick Pup Reaches Out Paw To Woman He Knew Would Help Him Recover

Caro was so frozen and silent when Kylina Turner first came across him. When she approached him, she was genuinely surprised that he wasn’t just a dirty teddy bear!

Caro was lying in an Austin, Texas backyard, and he had gotten his legs trapped in a wire bed frame. Turner couldn’t believe this pup was even alive with how terrified, quiet, emaciated, and frozen stiff he was.

But as soon as he saw Turner, he stuck out his little paw, as though he knew she was the only person who could help.

Turner tenderly wrapped turner in her sweater and gently lifted him away. As soon as she let him go, the pup immediately seemed to trust her, walking right by her side and following her. When she got to her car, the pup followed her and fell asleep immediately in the vehicle.

Turner rushed to the vet, fearing that Caro did not have much longer to live. The 18-pound, 6-month-old puppy was charming and sweet, and vets soon fell in love with Caro. Vet technicians decided to collect their money so they could pay for his medical fees safely.

The pup had a sunburn, and he was dehydrated, emaciated, and covered in mange. Turner made sure to check back on him regularly, fearing he may not survive. Every tiny sign of progress was clung onto.

It wasn’t long before Turner fell head over heels in love with Caro, deciding to foster him while he recovered once he was able to leave the vet office. She was able to bring him home, giving him four small meals daily and bathing him in medicated water. Casey, Turner’s 7-year-old pup, soon became best friends with Caro – and Turner realized she could not possibly let the young, recovering pup go once he was better.

Caro is now an official member of Turner’s family. His fur has grown back, he’s at a healthier weight, and he hasn’t lost his sense of trust and love for those around him!

Images & Feature Image Source: Kylina Turner

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