Sick Puppy Abandoned At The Vet Becomes Their Newest Employee!

Sick Puppy Abandoned At The Vet Becomes Their Newest Employee!

When this family bought a little bulldog puppy named Huck from a breeder, it wasn’t long before they noticed that he seemed to have medical issues. He couldn’t control his bathroom habits and seemed to have a more serious condition beneath that.

The family took Huck back to the breeder, but the breeder refused to take him back, instead offering them another puppy for free. The family, worried that Huck could end up somewhere where he would be put down, decided to take him to the vet.

Dr. Jamie Laity gave Huck a checkup at Harbor Point Animal Hospital. She discovered, after some X-rays, that he very likely had a condition that prevented the proper development of the spinal cord called spina bifida. However, he would need to be looked at by a neurologist for the diagnosis to be certain. The family knew they could not care for Huck, so they surrendered him to the hospital.

Dr. Laity took the pup home with her for the weekend so she could take him to a neurologist the following Monday, but she fell in love with the little pup and knew she wouldn’t be able to let him go. She also feared what would happen if he wound up in a shelter that couldn’t get him the care he needed. So after Huck was officially diagnosed with spina bifida, she adopted him officially, too!

Huck does have special needs, but as a vet, Dr. Laity is prepared to handle them. The pup wears a diaper and a belly band all the time, so he needs to be bathed frequently, but he loves the water and doesn’t mind! He joins in on doggy day care at the animal hospital so he learns to be social, and back at home, he has three other loving pup siblings and number of cat ones!

Since he can’t be left on his own for too long, Dr. Laity brings Huck to work every day, and everyone loves the pup! He’s friendly and loves playing with everyone he meets. He’s also become somewhat of a local celebrity, with many stopping by to take selfies with him. It’s safe to say that he has the happy life he’s always deserved and gets all the care he needs!

Images & Feature Image Source: Harbor Point Animal Hospital

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