Beautiful Dachshund Has His Very Own Zen Moment!

Beautiful Dachshund Has His Very Own Zen Moment!

Everyone needs that one moment where all they have on their mind is peace and quiet. You know, that point in time, when you are free of everything and anything and nothing can intrude in your very own quiet space.

If you love and appreciate your zen moments, then I’m sure you’ll also appreciate this little cutie’s zen moment!

Spring has sprung for this doxie. There are beautiful blue skies, brilliant green grass, and birds singing off in the distance. Is there anything better than that? This doxie seizes the moment, chewing on the grass, and looking around to take it all in.

See the beautiful zen moment for yourself on page 2!

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Watch the video below to see the dachshund and his very own zen moment!

Feature Image Source: kalyxcorn

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