Simple Tips To Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Car

Simple Tips To Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Car

Car rides are such a treat for dogs. They gaze out of the window bursting with fever pitch excitement as they watch the world go by. The ride is less of a treat for you, however, as you are obsessed with the safety of your dog.

A solution that will please both of you is in the form of dog car seats. A veterinarian by the name of Dr. Bernadine Cruz who works at the Laguna Hills Animal Hospital in California says there are car seats that are perfect for small dogs.

Booster seats are ideal, says Dr. Cruz:

“They allow to look out windows, reduce chances of motion sickness, and allow them to lay down in comfort.”

She recommends attaching the booster to the seat belt of your car for greater stability and added peace of mind. There are a variety of booster seats available for both small and big dogs. More like a hammock than a booster seat is the hammock seats that takes up the whole of your back seat. This is great for the bigger dogs.

There are many car seats you can choose depending on the number of dogs you have, their breed, and size, and pick the one they’re most comfortable in. With such a variety of car seats to choose from, you will no doubt enjoy future rides with your dog as much as he does!

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