Sneaky Pup Gets Revenge After Vet Leaves The Office! No One Was Expecting This!

Sneaky Pup Gets Revenge After Vet Leaves The Office! No One Was Expecting This!

We know and love the intelligence of our pups. But sometimes, those smarts are put to mischievous use! A pup who knows what they want and how to get it can get up to quite a bit of trouble.

Pocket the Akbash is a very smart and independent pup. This is a breed of dog best known for performing guard dog duties, and not typically for companionship due to their aloof personalities.

Although that’s what her breeder intended, Pocket had other ideas. She flunked out of the running to be a guard dog for livestock when she failed her temperament tests.

That’s how Pocket wound up at Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary, founded by Kail Marie, who became Pocket’s Mom. She’s now lived there for five years and become best friends with Mouse the dog, Nick the cat, and Bink the pig. But the pup, though loving and friendly, seems to have retained some of her naughtiness!

When Pocket was stung on the nose and had to be treated at the Clinton Parkway Animal Hospital, Lawrence, Kansas. The vet offered Pocket some treats after he checked her over, but she ran to hide behind Mom and refused, thinking there was some trick involved.

The vet soon left the room – and then Pocket took her chance. She rushed up to the counter and snatched the treat! In her opinion, it was technically hers. She just needed to make sure there wasn’t some ulterior motive.

Pocket’s nose is expected to fully recover, and she’s set to continue her mischief! Her Mom says she is incredibly intelligent and independent, and we can definitely see that!

Images & Feature Image Source: Kail Marie

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