Snow-Loving Husky Resists Parent From Clearing It

Snow-Loving Husky Resists Parent From Clearing It

Buster is an adorable Husky with a beautiful fur coat adorned with black and white patches. His family describes him as a huge fan of snow, and rightly so; his breed thrives in cold weather.

However, Buster tends to over-indulge in the snow and it can be difficult for his dad to get him inside after sunset. Michael Kaputsy, Buster’s dad, says that he would rather sleep in a snowbank than stay indoors; top that with his innate husky-stubbornness and you get a dog that surely won’t compromise. Buster took his love for snow to a new level during the first big snowfall of the year.

Watching the snowfall in anticipation of all the fun he was going to have rolling around in it, his joy was cut short when he noticed his grandad clearing it out with a shovel. The shock and horror compelled him to go onto the snow and sit in the middle of it, as a way of safeguarding what he could.

Little by little his grandad continued to shovel the snow away, Buster held tighter to the pile he had, and when his grandad finally came his way he sat there unmovable. It was clear that no one would get between him and his snow. Even so, his grandad continued shoveling and soon Buster and his snow pile was an island and it was clear that he had to surrender.

Though he felt betrayed and disappointed, it was only momentary. He turned to look behind him and saw more snow outside the yard, without hesitation he dived right in.

Images Source: Michael Kapusty

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