Sometimes, Your Biggest Fan Is Your Dog!

Sometimes, Your Biggest Fan Is Your Dog!

Who said your fans have to be human? Well, at least that’s what Wara Ricoo thought until the day he witnessed something that changed his mind forever.

It was a usual day at his home in Colombia, and across the street at a bustling intersection was a street performer. He was giving his all for a little extra change but sadly he wasn’t getting the attention he wanted. He tried again but to no avail. Everyone just passed by without offering applause or even a few cents. It was at that moment Ricoo noticed someone had been paying attention after all.

Watch what happened next:

Right there, in the front row of the imaginary concert was a tiny white pup wagging her tail. Ricoo could sense the love and loyalty from his window. There was something about that performer and his dog. Something special. The exchange prompted Ricoo to invite them over to talk. It was revealed that the man’s name was Anderson and his dog was Mayte. Though things were hard, they were in high spirits because they had each other.

Ricoo offered to send Mayte to the vet with his other dog Negrita for a checkup and thankfully they were both in good shape despite the hardship. Next, he shared their story on social media and booked him studio time. Now, Anderson has tons of fans, and so do Mayte and Negrita! Ricoo was inspired by the show of love, and Anderson’s drive. Now, their lives have all changed for the better.

Images Source: Wara Ricoo

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