South African Woman Uses Toy Car To Take Puppies To The Vet To Get Them Required Help

South African Woman Uses Toy Car To Take Puppies To The Vet To Get Them Required Help

Blikkiesdorp, a camp located in Cape Town, South Africa, is known for being one of the most dangerous spots in Cape Town due to gang violence, and it’s home to some of South Africa’s poorest.

In this place, where homes are in the form of cramped, small shacks made from piece of wood, rubbery old tires, and sheets of beat down iron, locals cannot afford veterinary care for their pets, and many more are not educated in its importance. But for this woman, ensuring that her pup and her newborn litter of four puppies got the care they needed was paramount. And she knew exactly where to get that help from.

Tin Can Town is an organization that was founded six years ago and focuses on offering veterinary and animal welfare services in the area. Volunteers take a trip there every other Sunday to provide free worm and flea treatments, free spaying and neutering services, and also food for hungry pups. They can be reached 24 hours every day for emergency situations.

This woman knew that her dogs needed to be looked at by an animal specialist, but she had no car to transport her pups there. So she came up with a solution – she loaded them all up into a toy plastic Jeep, draping a blanket over the mother pup’s head to keep her cool on the hot day, and took off.

After waiting in line for almost two hours, she finally got the chance to present her pups to the Tin Can Town volunteers. Then, once it was done, she began the long walk back home, still pushing the Jeep. The pups inside looked happy, healthy, and content, so she certainly did her best and succeeded in getting them the care they needed!

Images & Feature Image Source: Tarryn Martin/Tin Can Town

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