South Portland Officials Issue Warning About Toxic Algae In Ponds At Hinckley Park

South Portland Officials Issue Warning About Toxic Algae In Ponds At Hinckley Park

The presence of algae in a water body is something we notice quite often. Whether it is a slimy stringy layer that covers the rocks leading into the water, or a grainy layer floating top, we have seen a variety!

Algae, just like any plant species, can be totally harmless or has the potential to do some real damage. One notably lethal group of algae is commonly referred to as “blue-green algae” and a range of algal blooms. Recently in South Portland, water monitoring teams picked up what looked to be a kind of algal bloom in a popular pond in Hinckley Park.

Spots of blue-green algae were identified, and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection’s Lake Assessment section was notified. Leader and aquatic ecologist of this section, Linda Bacon, has requested samples from the team to confirm if the algae are carrying toxins. She has also highlighted that exposure to this type of toxin can potentially cause severe side-effects in our devoted dogs’ liver and nervous system functioning.

City of South Portland

The local officers emphasize that they will not be taking chances and have urged locals to keep their canine companions clear of the water for the time being. While dogs are banned from the water body, for the time being, this is only temporary. The city is looking to restore natural vegetation in the future, as well as make access to the water more dog friendly. In doing so, the local pack of loyal dogs will not jump in through the sides but be able to enter through a safe and clean area!

Feature Image Source: City of South Portland

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