Stick-Loving Dog Attempts To Pick Up Largest Stick Of Her Life

Stick-Loving Dog Attempts To Pick Up Largest Stick Of Her Life

Gaia is always been a tender and affectionate dog. There are times, however, when Gaia would obsess about a stick and carry it back home after her walk.

Gaia would often yell at Taylor to throw her a stick but when he attempts to obtain it, Gaia would circle him to deter him from getting it.

“She is very particular about what size of sticks she likes,” Gaia’s dad, Taylor Kononchuk, said, “I can usually find one I know she’ll like and then she’ll proudly carry it for the duration of our walk.”

With smaller sticks, Gaia would obsess on a specific size, while with huge sticks, she would prefer the biggest.

“She has always been a stick and ball hound. Basically, any piece of wood I touch, she becomes determined to pick it up no matter how big,” Taylor shared.

One time, while outdoors, Gaia saw the largest stick she’d ever come across. Expectedly, she attempted to pick it up, but since it was a felled telephone post, the goal proved impossible. Taylor was amused at Gaia’s persistent attempts. He could not crush her spirit by telling her off. Besides, he felt only admiration for Gaia’s determination.

In the end, Gaia let the pole go and moved on. On their way home, Gaia happily found and carried another stick back. Intent on supporting Gaia all the way, Taylor is more than happy to oblige this passion.

Images & Feature Image Source: Taylor Kononchuk

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