Stoic Rescue Dog Warms Up After Seeing His Dad After Three Years

Stoic Rescue Dog Warms Up After Seeing His Dad After Three Years

Roscoe was picked up by the Washington County-Johnson City Animal Shelter after he was reportedly running around the neighborhood alone, living on the streets and receiving food from kind neighbors.

For more than six months, shelter volunteers and staff tried everything to earn Roscoe’s trust, making him comfortable and hoping he would eventually reciprocate their care for him. Unfortunately, the brown and white dog remained stoic and never warmed up to them.

Roscoe did not once smile or wag his tail even when given treats.

“The entire time he was here, he was very timid, very reserved,” one staff said, “He didn’t want to be comforted by us, he didn’t want to be touched. There was no emotion or excitement no matter what we did.”

Even when they couldn’t’ break through his wall, the shelter decided to post Roscoe for adoption in social media and decided to just be upfront with his demeanor.

After the announcement appeared on Facebook, the shelter received a message from someone who claimed to be Roscoe’s dad, saying that the dog had been missing for three years already. To convince the shelter management who were skeptical about the claim, Roscoe’s dad showed a picture of the dog’s unique markings.

When the two eventually met, Roscoe recognized his dad.

He, then, transformed from being the emotionless, reserved dog to an excited, tail-wagging, energetic child, asking for many rubs to which his dad gladly obliged.

Images & Feature Image Source: Washington County-Johnson City Animal Shelter

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